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Action & Adventure, Literary Fiction, LGBT, Humor, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry

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I was born in 1957 with a hole in my heart that leaked severely. I was called a "Blue Baby", because every time I would exert myself I would turn blue and collapse. After two open heart surgeries, 1 at 3 years old and the second at 8 years. I could not do the things that other kids could, sports for instance, so I read How and Why Wonder Books, Science Fictions, Adventures, anything. I began then to write.

At 63 years old I published my first Novel, a Science Fiction, Action Adventure set in an Age when Life is eternal, and Mankind are the Creators.
Distant Kingdoms: The Drodenar Project, Book 1, Folly of the Gods is set in the Fifty-First Century, when a University Research Team transforms the planet Drodenar from a deep Ice Age state, to a temperate paradise. From an indigenous amphibian anthropoid marsupial, the team evolves a sentient species, highly intelligent, hermaphroditic, and gives them tech and culture equivalent to Earth's Early Bronze Ages.

Then suddenly, Humanity is recalled from Drodenar, as Earth's Great Empire falls into Civil War, a time that these Androgenari come to know as The Great Abandonment. The story begins here a thousand years after the Abandonment, and tells the tales of the Androgenari, and the Humans who made their kind, so very long ago.


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